About Airy Glamours

Welcome to Airy Glamours! The fun review site for all your jewelry candle and bath bomb needs. I love bath bombs! Almost as much as I love collecting the jewelry inside them! Having tried so many products I decided to let my experience work for you.

My reviews provide a sneak peek at whatever treasures you might find in your own bath bombs, along with honest and sincere critiques of all the products, sites, and jewelry I’ve tried, so you can get an idea of which bath bombs might be right for you!

I’m not being paid by any sites, nor have I received any products in exchange for reviews. (I wish!) The only thing I have to show for my hobby is a very picky criteria for what works, and the ‘loyalty points’ I make sure to cash in every time I buy something new.

Reviews work like this:

Bath Bombs are rated on a scale of one to five for duration, foam vs fizzing (It’s very hard to do both!), color, scent, and moisturizing oil content.

Rings/Jewelry is rated on style, finishing touches, gem/crystal quality, overall presentation, and options available in the collection.

Personally, I am not picky about what kind of metal is used, but I am picky about whether the finish looks cheap or if the ring feels like it’ll break at the first snag. I will note what metal is used by various designers so if you do have a preference you can make an informed choice.
Stone/crystal quality is also an area where I will show discerning taste. I’m not going to waste my time wearing a ring that looks like I fished it out of a vending machine! The bath bombs may only cost 16$ but if I rate a ring highly, I can guarantee no one will guess you paid that little!

Candles are rated on duration, even burning, scent, looks, and overall appeal.

I also offer reviews of the business and websites themselves for overall usability, transparency of terms, gimmicks and customer service. If I’ve found a perk you can use on a site I’m happy to share it!

Overall, just let me be your guide to beauty and self indulgence. Let me show you the best products out there, and the ones to avoid! That way if you decide to try one out for yourself, you’ll know exactly what you have to look forward to!

blue white purple and pink bathbomb dissolving in white foamy bubbles with rainbow swirls
Luxuriate in a bath bomb experience!