Fragrant Jewels “To Me You’re Perfect” Candle

The January 2019 Gift set released by Fragrant Jewels in time for Valentine’s Day is a symphony in pink. There was both a candle and a rose shaped bubble bar in the release, but here we’re focusing on just the candle.

The first presentation is nice. The jar is frosted pink with the name logo on the front. The coconut wax inside is a richer salmon shade of pink, with two wicks that provide faster, more even burning.

The scent is lovely. It’s a nice fruit blend, with hints of strawberry and pear, and something almost tropical. It’s a fresh appealing scent without being too much like candy or a bowl of fruit. Once lit the scent travels well, it can easily fill my bedroom in less than an hour, and can fill even bigger rooms given time.

The pink frosted look of the jar colors the light coming out to add a softer ambiance. What’s unique is that the label is transparent, which lights up as the candle burns down, showing the message, “To Me Your Perfect”.

I’m happy to report this candle burned evenly, without much smoke or any kind of sooty smell. (I have had problems with one or two of my candles smelling a little like grease smoke as they burned, but FJ seems to have fixed that problem.)

Now for the ring reveal! Fragrant Jewels uses fairly low temperature wax, but standard disclaimers apply, use care when retrieving the ring, blow the candle out, and use tools to get the pouch. I’ve noticed the adhesive they use to stick the ring pouch to the glass is pretty strong, so I tend to use a dollar store paring knife to free up the pouch before I remove it.

Once you get the foil pouch out, peel it away to get to the plastic inner envelope, then carefully cut open.

Ta da! A beautiful clear oval with a single strand of tiny pink stones set in rose gold. The “To Me You’re Perfect” rings are fantastically sparkly, and this one has a center stone the size of my fingernail. A lovely sophisticated ring, perfect for a night out on the town!

The quality of these rings is very good. They’re on the larger side, but manage to look classy without being too gaudy. The stones have great sparkle, which in a large clear stone is a must! You don’t want to be caught wearing a big faux diamond ring that looks obviously cheap. The setting is good too, catches the light without sticking out too much, even if it does seem to reflect a bit more skin tone than light. (The pear cut is better at holding onto the white color, even with high clarity.) My ring has good prongs, even setting on the band, and no missing stones. Excellent!

The Overall rating on the “To Me You’re Perfect” Candle: 4.3
It’s a really good candle, and I love it, but I’m very stingy about giving out perfect 5’s to candle reviews. If it had one flaw it’s that Fragrant Jewels don’t provide a lot of uniqueness to their candle jars. They’re pretty, but all basically the same construction, so that brings down the score a bit.
Loved the scent, burned nicely, threw off a good amount of light without sooty smoke, and the rings are excellent.

Candle Rating:
Overall: 4.3
Scent: 5
Wax Quality: 4
Even Burning: 5
Style: 3
Rings: 5

This is a candle I’d definitely do a second buy, and they seem to be keeping it well stocked for the Spring 2019 season. The rings are definitely worth it! So give this one a try!

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