Fragrant Jewels: Company Review

First off, this isn’t a specific product review, but an in depth look at the whole setup for one of the biggest players in the bath bomb market. Fragrant Jewels may not be the first hit on a Google search for “ring bath bomb” but they’re right up there at number three, and constantly growing.

While most of the other sites take a similar simplistic approach to their site, Fragrant Jewels pulls out all the stops with video clips, custom graphics, a strong Facebook presence for customer interaction and added giveaways, and multiple navigation bars providing “Newest” and “Most Popular” products in a menu that varies with site traffic.

If that’s too much tech-babble, the point is that Fragrant Jewels defines itself on “Wow!” factor. Everything from the video clips of bath bombs fizzing into foam, and candles being lit to reveal hidden rings, to the emphasis on the exclusive designs made for each collection.

Just an example of one of their video clips.

Determined to always offer something new, they release a new product every month. This fulfills their promise to provide a new product to everyone with a subscription. But it also means that many of the collections disappear after only a few months and may never be brought back.

Some are even linked to charitable causes, and themed to match. Like the Christmas themed “Lump of Coal” collection promised a lump of coal bath bomb for the buyer, and a donation to Toys for Tots. Or their “For the Love of Pets” collection available now (March 2019), that donates to dog and cat rescues.

You don’t have to subscribe to their Inner Circle rewards to get the new releases, or to take advantage of the sales, and I’ll do a more complex breakdown of the Inner Circle perks in their own post.

I won’t lie, I’ve bought most of my bath bombs from them over the past year and a half, partly because I got seduced by the promise of redeeming points and email codes for extra jewelry. But mostly I just wind up wanting to get the latest product when they come out. While I never found myself wanting a Barbie or Hello Kitty bomb, the Halloween collection included three different options. Including a Secret Society bath bomb and candle set that featured coffin shaped bath bombs holding skull and coffin themed black crystal rings. Spooky fabulous!

They also have a company Facebook Page, a Members Only Facebook group for the monthly subscribers, and speedy email customer support. Each month they offer live video reveals of the latest product on Facebook, and have recently run big product giveaways for anyone who comments on the livefeed.

As far as the products, the candles are always very well scented, and can easily fill a room with fragrance. The bath bombs consistently have amazing color and scent, and the foaming ones that leave tons of colored bubbles are my favorites. Fragrant Jewels mostly focuses on bath bombs and candles. They have a few scrubs and are just starting to branch out into bubble bars, but don’t fix what isn’t broken, and while their massive selection of bath bombs is selling out monthly, they don’t really need to push for anything new.

As far as prizes, the jewelry is always lovely, and often it looks better in person than the sites photos. FJ provides a lot of avenues to collect even more jewelry than just within the product. They don’t have a store where you can buy them for cash (Many of the competing sites have this option. Pay 35$ for ONE ring instead of 15$ for the bomb. IMO a lot of the jewelry is overpriced at cash value.). But Fragrant Jewels offers dozens of email promotions for either specific collection rings, necklaces, or a completely random “beautiful” or “sparkling” ring.

They also offer reward points for each product. Typically you can redeem a gold code for 25 points or a silver code for 10 points. These add up fast and you can use them for special rings, or even bath bombs, in the rewards store.

These codes are also the ‘golden ticket’ to possibly winning a much more expensive ring, worth up to $10,000! I’ve never been a fan of the enthusiasm shown in every promo, and paragraph about these codes, I know for some buyers, the possibility of winning is a bigger draw than any product. While the odds are slim, people have redeemed rings, and posted pictures online, so it’s not entirely impossible.

If Fragrant Jewels has one big flaw, it’s the companies intense marketing. They ship out anywhere from two to four emails a DAY and those add up fast! While you can sift through them all to find the best offers of bonus jewelry and discounts, be ready to clean your inbox daily.

Their quality control isn’t perfect either. I’ve gotten a few rings with missing stones, a bomb that was half shattered, and they released a whole line of candles that didn’t burn properly and put themselves out. The good news is that their customer service team is polite, efficient, and eager to resolve complaints. They only work 9-5, but they work through both calls and email.

In summary, Fragrant Jewels provides a lot of great products and tries to appeal to a wide audience by constantly refreshing their stock. They offer the same gimmick as most sites (“You could win a $10,000 ring!”), but even when you don’t win one, you still get a good bath product or candle, and a beautiful ring. They offer a subscription plan (and sell it HARD) but provide the same rewards in the rewards store to everyone.

The negatives are that they don’t sell rings, and only offer certain sold out collections in email codes. (There’s a fierce trading and reselling game going for a lot of the more coveted rings too.) Their constant change in products means they do sell out of popular collections fast, and may not restock. From my experience they’re a good company trying hard to provide a good product, but they get a big ding in points for their (lack of) quality control putting them at 4 out of 5.

Fragrant Jewels Company Score: 4 Stars
Website Look: 5 of 5
Website Usability: 5 of 5
Rewards Points: 4 of 5
Product Quality: 5 of 5*
Quality Control: 2 of 5
Returns and Customer Service: 5 of 5

*(I am not applying any reduction in points for not providing sterling silver. I’ve never had a problem with plated metals.)

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