First Look! Charmed Aroma Mermaid Bath Bomb

Mermaid bombs! I’m a sucker for anything mermaid themed AND I’m a collector of opals, so Charmed Aroma got my attention immediately with this bomb. It was hiding in their ‘sale’ section, and had a collection of solid sterling silver (no green fingers here!) and blue opal rings as the mystery prize in this bomb.

Charmed Aroma has good variety in their products. With my Mermaid Bomb order I also got a ‘free mystery bomb’ offer, and the one I got was a Peppermint Twist (reviewed later) that contained a necklace. Charmed Aroma offers more jewelry options than I’ve seen on other sites, so it’s nice to have something other than rings to collect! (Especially when the sites decide to mimic each others products.)

My first order from Charmed Aroma didn’t take long to arrive, under two weeks. Each bomb came prepackaged in it’s own bag tied with a ribbon.

The Mermaid bomb came in violet and sky blue, with a stamp of gold leaf fish scale across the top which is a cute touch.

The Mermaid was more fizzy than foamy, it left some lovely colors on the surface of the water as it bubbled, but the foam quickly dissipated. What was loveliest was that it wasn’t just a flash in the pan. It managed to fizz happily without dissolving instantly, which is ideal for a fizzy bomb.

Look at that lovely fizz!

The dyes in the Mermaid bomb aren’t as intense as other companies, but while the colors are more subtle this bomb has a beautiful amount of moisturizing oils. With both shea butter and aloe, it’s a really soothing and relaxing combination. I live in a dry climate, so I love a bath bomb that I can feel on my skin. However you will want to wipe down the tub afterward. These ones can be a little slippery!

This bomb also smelled lovely! Floral but beachy, with hints of lavender and ocean scent. Plus the scent lingered in the oils long after the bomb had finished.

Another thing Charmed Aroma does a little differently, is the jewelry comes sealed in little clam shell boxes. After collecting a mountain of little clear plastic balls this was a nice surprise. They hinge open and shut, and the size and shape makes them perfect to reuse for jewelry during travel, or other tiny items like beads. Love it!

I got a ring I loved instantly. A lovely blue opal with green fire as the center stone, surrounded by clear crystals that made a star, then traced down the band, and sparkled nicely in the light. The ring is also well constructed, no missing stones, and the band isn’t so light that you worry about it breaking, or thick enough to feel clunky. Plus the solid sterling silver insures that you don’t have to worry about rubbing off the good metal and getting stuck with brass underneath!

Overall this bomb was a fav! 4.7 out of 5, with only a small ding for the color intensity. (But at least it doesn’t stain the tub!) Definitely one I’m buying again. I can’t wait to see which ring I get next!

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